In developing their healthcare organizations, the early Adventist leaders looked back to the life of Christ for inspiration. Today, we also look back to the beginning of time, to the Bible’s account of creation, to discern what God had in mind for whole-person wellness.

In the perfect conditions of Eden, God gave Adam and Eve eight essential principles for the enjoyment of life. They had the power of choice, a day of rest and an environment that was serene, exhilarating and nurturing. Earth’s first inhabitants were active, trusting in God, and they enjoyed each other’s company. Their lives were full of joy, and their simple but flavorful foods provided perfect nutrition, enjoyment and strength.

In our efforts to improve the well-being of those who turn to us for care, Florida Hospital employs the latest medical advances, and we seek to fully restore lives by returning to the principles found in CREATION: Choice. Rest. Environment. Activity. Trust. Interpersonal relationships. Outlook. Nutrition.

The demands and anxieties of life today take immeasurable tolls on physical and emotional health. In the search for balance and restoration, nothing is more vital than rest.